Thursday, May 21, 2009

RFT Poll- Please Vote for Lamar Harris, Brothers Lazaroff and Flex Boogie


Two of the bands I play in are nominate
d in this years RFT Music Poll. (click to vote!)

I've sworn off these things but I'm excited for the leaders of the groups so I'd love it if you take a moment to vote. My choices are Lamar Harris (website) in the
Best Funk/Soul/R&B category. (All of those acts are great actually but I like the keytar player for Lamar's group.)
Brothers Lazaroff (website) in the Americana/Folk category and others. (see below) and DJ Flex Boogie.

Lots of new venues and such this summer for Soul Alliance (May 29 at Araka), Lamar Harris, UG Project and Brothers Lazaroff who are releasing a CD on June 27th at Off Broadway with yours truly on keys. (click to vote!)

Have a safe and peaceful holiday!

Mo Egeston

From Brothers Lazaroff

Greetings friends and family,
Brothers Lazaroff need your help - please go to and write in "Brothers Lazaroff" for best Americana/Folk Act (we aren't one of the clickable choices - so, you have to write us in). This is the first category you'll see on the page. You have to click the "write in" button next to where you write our name and fill out some quick information. Don't worry, your vote will still count even if you don't live in St. Louis

If you want to write in Brothers Lazaroff for best male songwriter - that's cool too!

Thanks for your consideration!