Monday, April 27, 2009

This week w/ musician Mo Egeston

Hi there,

Just had a cool weekend with Lamar Harris in Memphis. Saturday night...and Sunday morning. ( I wear all sorts of hats these days).

Trying to get back to doing some writing (see the player) and I've added a few dates to the calendar including a CD release party on June 27 with Brothers Lazaroff (see the hats comment). Also I hope to be announcing a monthly rotation on Sunday nights for the UG Project very soon.

If you're interested in the Soul Alliance featuring CocoSoul please contact Doug Hall at 314.421.9400 (Talent Plus).

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And besides's what I've been listening to all morning. Something about a Prince slow jam makes the world right for a moment at least.

Call My Name

Peace. Please support the arts and education. And definitely arts education.

Mo E