Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mo Egeston with Brothers Lazaroff @ SXSW Thursday- Sunday

South By Southwest w/Brothers Lazaroff

Jeff Lazaroff- vocals, guitar
David Lazaroff- vocals, guitar
Grover Stewart- drums, vocals
Teddy Brookins- Bass
Mo Egeston on keys

Bridging the geographical gap between St. Louis, Missouri, and Austin, Texas, BROTHERS LAZAROFF lay waste to the idea that long-distance relationships can't work!

With their first record PURE DELIGHT (co-produced/engineered/mixed by David Sanger, 6-time Grammy winning drummer of ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL) and a second record on the way, The Brothers combine experimentation with conventional folk elements, and in the process effectively find a way to reconcile traditionally opposing musical genres to create a refreshing sound. BROTHERS LAZAROFF do this with their unique blend of roots music that breaks down the barrier of time, rather than the barrier between musical styles.

Guitars, mandolins, computers, organs, banjos, drum machines, fiddles, steel guitars, horns, pianos, scrambled up rhythm sections; all working toward this effect. And yes, Hank matters but so does Scratch and of course all three Bobs and all those from Canada and those from before the time of telephone poles and those who've grown up with them as if they're just another family of trees.

BROTHERS LAZAROFF take the approach that everything matters, but nothing should be taken seriously.