Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vote for CocoSoul!


Look for an update about this weekend (Delmar) and next weeks (Lola) mo E All-Stars events later but I wanted to pass this note directly from my good friend and colleague Rochelle "CocoSoul" Walker.  Basically she would love to have your vote in the national Budweiser Battle for the the Crown Event.  She won the local St. Louis version a few weeks ago and got the opportunity to perform on the the Superfest Stage.

Now she is in the national competition.  You can vote daily at www.battleforthecrown.com. 
They ask that you view at least 2 videos but you don't have to watch the entire thing if you're busy.  Just start it and close the video.  You will return to the voting page.

Coco joins me for brunch this Sunday at Lola from 11-2.  Read on for a note from Ms. Soul.

Hello everybody!

Because each of you know me by different names
This is Rochelle or COCO or Red(CRCP folks)

I'm sending this because I would love your support.

In August, I was in a contest Budwiser Battle For The Crown - and I WON!!! Yes, I am more than excited about that. Life had already been busy but now I truly believe that God is taking my career to the next level - and those of you who know me know that I've been singing/acting forever and ever.

Now this next phase is where I need YOU!

Starting Tomorrow Sept 13 through Sept 30th, I am in a National competition  (Budwiser held the contest in 13 cities).

Log on to
Look for the St. Louis Video - COCO SOUL
And vote ONCE A DAY!!!

The person with the most votes will win the NATIONAL!
I would love to not only represent ST. Louis, but see what this next phase of my life will bring.

Spread the word and have everyone you know VOTE!

I love you all and appreciate everyone for being in my life, great or small.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL and I know I couldn't do any of this with you!

ME (CocoSoul)