Friday, June 11, 2010

mo E trio tonight @ the Delmar; Brothers for Brunch

Hi here are a couple of blurbs for tonight's mo E trio show and this Sunday at Lola.  Enjoy your weekend!

mo E trio- Groove Edition 
Friday June 11
8- 11:30

The Delmar Lounge

Free Early
mo E trio represents the voice of pianist and bandleader Maurice "Mo" Egeston. Mo is currently known for his work as a leader of UG Project (with DJ Nune) and the Soul Alliance featuring CocoSoul as well as his work with Brothers Lazaroff.

The trio allows Mo to return to his roots as a pianist since the dinner set will include soul-jazz, standards and downtempo grooves. But as the evening progresses the groove will shift and get a whole lot deeper.

Drummer Grover Stewart and percussionist Duane "Jingo" Williams join Mo and his rack of beat machines as they explore live drum n bass, jazz and Latin flavored house and more.

Grover is a breakbeat master and Jingo and Mo have been laying down live deep house grooves since the birth of UG Project in 2008.

This is the trio's second visit to the Delmar Lounge. The first time was a blast and the new menu is great.

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Book the mo E trio with Doug Hall at Talent- Plus. 314-421-9400

Brothers Lazaroff Live @ Lola
Kids welcome!

Mo Egeston Presents Brunch with Brothers Lazaroff. Mo Egeston Presents is a weekly music series held at Lola in the downtown STL loft district.

This week's featured artist is Brothers Lazaroff. The band is fresh off their second year of SXSW showcases and a recent 15 song recording session for an album to be released in the Fall.
What does it sound like? Flavors of roots music, indie rock, jam and Americana driven by a focus on songwriting and musical communication.

These brunches have been big fun. Reservations recommended.

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